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About Us

At KaySun we prioritize sustainability and offer 100% total transparency. All of our handbags are hand crafted as we emphasize ethical production.

We source our fabrics from sustainable suppliers using natural fibers and avoid the use of new plastics whenever possible. The issue with plastics stems from how they take hundreds of years to biodegrade, causing excess waste production on our planet Earth.

Our Start

Photo Credit: Sam Keenan Photography

Photo Credit: Sam Keenan Photography


It all started when…

I grew up in a small town just outside of Boulder, Colorado. I’ve always grown up with a deep passion for environmental sustainability, especially for practices that can be maintained over long periods of time. I am a firm believer that luxury goods, such as handbags, should not come at the cost of our earth. As a result, I started KaySun as a way to utilize my abilities to sew and to help spread environmental awareness to the world while being able to create trendy products.

KaySun originated in Superior, Colorado with bags being produced in house and by hand.